The Human Sphere


“In the last 50 years population has doubled, global consumption of water has tripled and the use of fossil fuels has quadrupled.” (Robertson 2014)

This quote caught my interest because due to the impact of the Industrial Revolution, our great nation and world was forever changed. Not only has our population significantly increased in the 5 decades, but also the amount of resources we as humans are currently consuming. From my perspective, it’s our job, as generation Y, to take action in finding more sustainable solutions, as we are the most educated and intelligent college students in today’s age. Because our current economic system releases wastes into the environment faster than the natural systems can process them, we need to come together as whole in order to find a solution for this constantly growing issue.


“The poorest people in the world are most likely to depend on natural resources for their survival, and thus alleviating poverty is integral to alleviating pressure on environmental resources.” (Robertson 2014)

According to, over 1 million children live in poverty every day, and more than 3 billion people live in poverty, specifically living off less $2.50 a day. I agree with this statement whole heartedly as those individuals who are less fortunate and live in undeveloped areas are frankly unable to worry about sustainable solutions or how much of the limited resources they are using, when they are simply fighting to stay alive day after day. It is my personal belief that if we were to find some kind of sustainable solution for these third world countries with undeveloped natural resources, we would not only be able to decrease the percentage of poverty throughout the world, but also be able to take a large step in the right direction of a more sustainable world as well.


“The spirit of human solidarity and kinship with all life is strengthened when we live with reverence for the mystery of being, gratitude for the gift life, and humility regarding the human place in nature.” (The Earth Charter)

While humans may be the most intelligent and profound beings on planet Earth, we have a terrible track record for caring about other forms of life around us such as plants and animals, in addition to caring for those outside of our countries and communities. This quote was a very difficult for me to agree with as yes we are all given the gift of life from simply being born, but that should not indicate we have the right the abuse this gift or privilege of breathing. While a big part of me does wish we as humans in the word can live in harmony by appreciating our own place in nature, I think man is too focused on dominating and “conquering” every aspect of life. As a direct result of man’s sole focus on being the best, we as a society are killing our planet, abusing our nonrenewable resources, and waiting around for someone else to come up with solutions.

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